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Bougie Chic™ Boutique is the foundation of so many amazing things to come! We offer a plethora of trendy options, influenced by urban and modern fashion.      
Bougie Hustle™ is the lifestyle brand that CELEBRATES the Curves, Attitude, Boldness, Strength, Creativity, Sacrifice and the Hustle embodied by all Women!

The boutique and brand were created after continuously struggling to identify with the few fashion options available for curvy women. 

As a curvy urban entrepreneur and corporate professional, my style goal is always to be corporate chic; but still bring a piece of my urban roots wherever I go. Which is where the name Bougie Chic derived from. Bougie being a common urban term for things like sassiness, high standards and exclusivity. The word chic came from the corporate environment which warrants the cute but modest style, I found it to be most fitting!

Nonetheless, the overall goal is to be create a healthy, safe, body positivity and confidence in women! I pray that the Bougie Chic™ culture becomes contagious and we get the opportunity to share our vibes with everyone your know. 

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Kindest regards, 


Bougie Chic & Bougie Hustle

Brand Manager/ CEO